United States of America

New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Hollywood, back in Sweden, Germany, then Los Angeles, making music, forming groups, film music for Capitol Records, Playboy, Warner Brothers, getting married, starting video-production company, moving to Santa Barbara…  Life in America now a blur.

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Coming to America was a big deal.  We viewed America different from the rest of the world. It was an island, a spaceship of possibilities, land of the free, hope and opportunity.  It seemed to me that if I truly had faith in my music, I would go to America…
In Albany we were invited to a state dinner including Mayor.  I was surprised to see how Americans ate their food – by cutting with the right, then laying down the knife on the side of the place (often dripping on the tablecloth as a result) then passing the fork over to the right hand and bringing the bite to it’s designation.  Things looked somewhat the same in America, but every detail was a little different.

In this picture it does look as if his eminence, the mayor has a keen eye on our singer, Ianne, but no more came of it as far as I know.

Peggy Dufresne was a stunt-pilot state-champion of Maine, owned a horse and worked as waitress where I played.  We went flying together, visited John Cassel in Vermont, got lost between the mountains, but found the airstrip right before the clouds rolled in. She later came to stay with me in Sweden and Denmark (seen above working on our street’s semiannual community-cleanup).  We were together for a year and a half.

If I could speak to her today I would tell her that she was right, that the runway of Nashua airport during a torrential thunderstorm was a great place for love. She was Canadian-Indian and free to the bone.

John Cassel lived in East Fairfield, Vt on Lost Nation Road.  Piano player, writer, maker of the best apple cider and host of many jams and events.  Hippies, truckers, motorcyclists, farmers, musicians, groupies – we had our own Woodstock in the hills of Vermont. I spent a winter there and on Sugarbush Mountain, plus many summer days with great musicians and warm company
In LA, early 80’s, I formed groups, recorded 5 albums of film music for Capitol Records, and performed in places like the Bla Bla Cafe.  It was all-original music. We had some great shows.
Wherever I lived, I built studios until the digital revolution changed everything.  Life is analogue, and I gave up having my own studio for a while – and got into video-production.
Working for IPS in LA, I did everything from training Cat-fish to making star-fields. I had a short career as a grip and driver in Mexico for 3 weeks.  I even tried out for a beer-commercial in Mexico City.  (I was horrible).
A lucky break and I wrote a title song for a Burt Reynolds movie “Hooper”.  They flew me to Nashville to record, and changed the ending to fit the song.

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Performing in Santa Barbara in a series of special events Magi & I Produced, called “The Honored Guest”.  Here at the home of Kenny Loggins.
Michael Katz, playwright in Hollywood during the AIDS onset.  Micael wrote a play “AIDS/US” with a cast who all had the disease or had partners who did. Later Michael was also diagnosed with AIDS and died (see the video below) It was a very moving play, and Take 3 performed the music.  I wrote the music and songs. The opening song was hard to write. I mean, what do you say to someone at death’s door? “We’re here, it’s Now, We’re all together, You’re never Alone:

After the divorce my bedroom for two years was a VW van by the beach and I got into dance and free-form movement.  It was a very creative time.  My studio was at the Casa De Maria in Montecito where I helped with many events and stage productions. I met Trish, she brought joy (and hoses) into my life and we moved to a ranch in Santa Ynez Valley. When I met her she had two dogs.  When we parted she had 5 dogs, 4 goats and 7 horses.
After 5 great years with Trish in which we moved from Montecito to Santa Ynez, I moved into the middle of Los Olivos, built and started “The Crooked Path” – a music sanctuary, where I jam with talented bands and players. (Much more info here). A fellow asked me, “So is this were I’m going to end up?”  I never thought of ending up anywhere before, but this little town still holds the spirit of America I appreciate so much.  Who knows what’s next.
Where ever we went, we were always “Direct from Denmark”.  We sang mostly pop songs in bars and night-clubs, but with our own spin on everything. Playing 3 times for 45 mins and 2 times for 30 minutes every night was a big change from doing short concerts in Denmark.
We sang original songs and American hits, served up in out own style. We made many friends, enjoyed much hospitality. New Hampshire, Boston, Amherst, New York, up and down the Est Coast – we went for a while.
During the 70’s and 80’s I travelled back and forth between the US and Europe, perhaps 6 or 8 times, at one point forming the band “My Ship“.  Oliver Strauss on Guitar, Jens Elbøl on Bass and Michael Puggård-Møller on drums.

We lived on a remote farm in Sweden a few years (pic above), played in Germany and recorded for BASF-records. It was “Folk-rock” we played. Low budget – we played in Hamburg and on occasion slept in condemned apartment houses. But we had a roadie (Steward from Wales) and a major label deal!  I miss having roadies…

In LA I linked up with Capitol Records and OGM.  Recorded 5 albums of film music, now distributed in 35 countries.
Alan Heit, friend and bass-player in LA. Later his sister, Lori, and I were together for 5 years – here at a house in Malibu. Alan and his family took me in when I first got to LA. His mother from the deep south, while his father was from New York. She was black, he was white – and back then it was illegal to marry inter-racially – so they had to go to Mexico to get married.  They and their five children were all amazing people and taught me a great deal about life in America. Lori went back with me to visit Denmark.  Alan and I played many fine gigs together in LA.

I shall forever be grateful for the Heits.

A wealthy man hired me to write a song and perform it for him and his wife in a mansion on Long Island. This was my back-up band.  Next morning they gave me a ride to 56th Street in a helicopter.  It was amazing to fly between the buildings. I went to the twin towers and took a long walk.
Dick Fegy – amazing guitar player in LA and friend who died much too early.

Vicki Marosco, actress, who wouldn’t fall in love with her?

And Jennifer Ryan Jackson, half-Cajun, ex-madam, minister and deep soul gathered a group of people we later called the “Family”.  We lived together for a year and a half in LA and later Lake Arrowhead. During out time together I started writing Rhythm & Blues and even Gospel Music – she brought that vibe into my life.

Through the Landmark Forum (EST) I met Magi, and we first started the vocal trio “Take 3” with Michael Craig. We fell in love, married and started a production company “Win/Win Productions”.  Our first production was a documentary about underwater-birthing.  We travelled to Nepal, Egypt and also Austria to shoot a variety of productions (see “Videos“). Our best production was no doubt our son, Mikael Myggen (below). What else can one say of 10 years of marriage?  We were great partners – on the same page, but in different books. The breakup was a time of great sadness.
The Myggen family before Mikael was born. My parents (pic below) immigrated to America in the 80’s.  My brother Finn, and I were already here. This is us all in the mountains. Finn, Ulrika, Daniel, Nicholas, Magi, Mai, Mom, Dad, and me. Finn & Ulrika later divorced and Finn married Carol.
Magi and I started a video business, weddings, documentaries, a few industrials. As the technology changed, so did we. When we divorced I continued making music and videos – and re-connected with Simon and Karen Fox of Adventures In Caring/Santa Barbara.  We won a FREDDIE award, for one of our documentaries. Click here for official credit-list.
Bob Reed, an American agent spotted us in a small club in Copenhagen.  Sister/brother team, Michael and Ianne Elo and I became the group making the jump to New York, then upstate, Albany, Nashua, New Hampshire, Burlington, Vermont…
The Berkshire Inn, Nashua, NH.  Good people, cold winters.
Moments with friends. Harry Dejalais and unnamed girlfriend for a week. It was the mid seventies and we knew everything.
This band was called the “Noble Beast”, with top notch players from the LA studio scene.  Here at a performance downtown, at the “Itchey Foot”.  We had Jon Crosse on Sax, Alan Heit on Bass, David Grossman on Drums, Al  Johnson on percussion, and Andrew Milukoff on guitar. It was a great band – and I recently found a live recording.  Good heavens.  The songs were ok, but I wish someone had calmed me down a little in the up-tunes. I’m including a few excerpts in the juke-box below just in case any of my friends and players would get a smile out of it.  The first song was written for Alan Heit and Charline’s wedding. Thank you, again.

In Lake Arrowhead, I linked up with drummer/engineer Leon Becken, John Brooks and James Felix, and we formed a band “Radio Flyers”, having great times in the snow for a couple of seasons.
My younger brother, Finn Myggen, also worked in films and commercials (seen above here on location) – I landed a few scoring jobs for films along the way for Playboy and Corman Films, among others.
Living in North Hollywood, a friend of my friend Tom Mitchel (great songwriter from Nashville) needed to leave his Cobra at my house for a few weeks.  “Just take it for an Italian Tune Up once in a while” he told me.  That meant the Pasadena Freeway at 4 AM.  I took it to up to 95 MPH, that was enough for me.  Speed is fast when you sit 7 inches over the road.
Kevin Braheny (above), astonishing electronic musician and Andrea Cagan, crystal-healer working with Philipine Psycic Healer Alex Orbito.

Dominic D’Arcy (below) in Costa Rica and the whole D’Arcy Clan taught me much and was the trunk of my life for a while.

Dinner party at D’Arcy’s here before Magi and I were together.  Mary Crawford, mime, dancer and rebel-rouser next to me at the table – we lived together for a spell in Venice and North Hollywood.  She had a laugh that could knock the fillings out of your teeth.

Below: Costa Rica wedding: Raquel, Simon, Aaron, Mark, Xander, Jeremy…

Mikael and me in Montecito.  Good times. The quarter-staff was a movement regimen I picked up on the beach, akin to Kendo. The staff is still my Shihan (Master), constantly coming up with new combinations, also quite stern when mistakes are made.

More to come (check out “live music“)…