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Video Production & Original Music  

Work and Policy:

VisionEars is a full, all-digital production service - from concept to script, shoot, score, edit and DVD authoring. Our first job is always to be the consultant - to determine what our clients truly need.
We ask questions like:
  • Who is going to watch this?
  • How much time do they have?
  • What do we want them to know or feel?
  • What style of production (budget and image) is appropriate?
  • Web-video or DVD?

We discuss the "elements" i.e. graphics, desired interviews and shots, voice-over, music, existing photos and/or videos - and based on that, a budget is presented, we draw up a simple agreement and go to work.

Style and quality:

In general, if a style is demonstrated, the work we deliver will - naturally - be to the same standard or better. We assume that when someone hires us, it is because they appreciate this style and sesibility. We are rather like a portrait painter you choose based on his/her personal sense of style and interpretation.






The VisionEars' touch:

  • A compelling human "feel".
  • Original music, supporting the scenes unusually well.
  • A nice mix of information and experiential content.
  • Subjects are speaking easily with no script.
  • Special effects and graphics are appealing, but not overdone.

Clients often rely heavily on us for direction and content, and rather than a tight script we prefer to have interviewees speak naturally, guided by cameraman/producer, Bent Myggen.


Errors and changes:

If the master contains errors we correct them. Other changes or suggestions for masters delivered are welcomed, but viewed as additional production.

We keep all masters and individual layers archived to accommodate changes for any reason at a later date.

Legally speaking:

We create new music and new pictures that become intellectual property.

The rights of the original music used in productions remain with us, but we grant permissions to use for the speciffic purposes our clients ask for. This ensures that top drawer material also becomes first choice for any of our productions.

As productions move along we consult as needed with our clients with regard to style and content, When working with web-designers, we find it useful to discuss fonts and graphic color-palate before we start the editing process.