The Crooked Path:

The Crooked Path is closed for January and parts of February as we are getting grass to grow and flowers to bloom for a spectacular 2018 season. Much to come, stay tuned. 

We may open occasionally until March official season starts.  If you are in town, look for the new sign, hanging over the park…  “The Crooked Path open now”




live recording: 

At the center of Los Olivos, California, The Crooked Path is a garden in which to enjoy life, food, wine and exquisite music.  Free to enter, guest may bring your own wine & food – or order from nearby restaurants. (More)

The concerts feature local and international artists performing original music in an exceptional,  audiophile environment.
From Americana, to Jazz, Reggae, Blues and Folk, guest who enjoy listening are invited to rejuvenate their spirit and find joy at the Crooked Path. It is not a business, but a Music Sanctuary and the home of singer/songwriter, Rev. Bent Myggen.

Free to enter, hard to leave – contributions gratefully accepted.
Planning to attend? Click here for options and event-info.

For 2018, we continue the tradition of presenting fine original music while also offering coffee, tea, things to nibble on, wine from local vendors, even food for certain events specially prepared by local chefs.  This season, plan to visit the best known secret – The Crooked Path – in Los Olivos.

More videos & music:

Live “Just keep going” @ CP.

Finger Dance

Los Olivos Standard Time – Original Song

A moment of peace. Nearby hills in Spring.

Upcoming Events:

The Crooked Path is closed for gardening until February 14, Valentine’s concert (more info later).  February and March are often wet and chilly, so we may have concerts on a short-term notice – then plan to start the official music season in Mid March.  We will post to the calendar as soon as we know ourselves…

Destination, The Crooked Path:

From The Crooked Path’s Guestbook:

Walk-in during Weekends

The Crooked Path is not a business, not a shop, not a winemaker, nor seller of time-shares.

Open to the public on weekends.  No cover charge.  Donations gratefully accepted.  Guests are welcome to bring their own wine, or food from nearby restaurants.  Your host, Bent Myggen* has composed, recorded and published over 300 original titles in over 35 countries*.  Many of the musicians performing have a long history of performing worldwide.  An excellent analogue sound system along with an original Hammond B3 Organ (with Leslie) is part of the standard line-up.

Special Events

The Crooked Path is available for planned (or unplanned) wine-tour stops, group celebrations, bridal showers, even small weddings.  Food/BBQ and wine can be provided from local vendors, and entertainment is tailored to each occasion. We welcome inquiries from event-planners.   Click here for more info and suggestions.


Music is our gift, but contributions make it possible. The Crooked Path is a music sanctuary and does not sell anything.  Instead, we offer gifts such as the music itself, CDs, T-shirts, downloads, beads and trinkets if we have them,  while our honored guests leave offerings in the contribution-boxes, according to their generous spirit.  Support can also be given here:


The Crooked Path is a Music Sanctuary and spiritual pursuit.  Music has been part every tribe, every civilization in all human history, but when recording was invented the playing and listening was separated.  Today the sound of music is everywhere, but the spirit of music only lives when the music is live.  Resident Rev. Bent believes music is the language of the soul, and listening brings in the spirit – the Muse of music.  His Church of Music (an order of one) has no doctrine to preach, lessons to teach, nor sins to forgive.

The Crooked Path is a place to share good times and explore wonderful music.

 Just what I needed this Sunday. Never have I seen such a hospitable and welcoming place.  Hard to imagine in this world of today. Many, many thanks.

Maggie & James

Love your music!!!  Perfect way to spend the time listening to your cool tunes and enjoying the vibe.


Much better than Cold Springs Tavern!  Great music and relaxing atmosphere.

Bob and Val

Wow! Great times. Thanks.

Steve and Sandy

Another lovely afternoon in your marvelous sanctuary.  Thank you so much!


Awesome sounds – both instrumental & vocals – Thanks!


Your music is amazing! Better than Eric Clapton.


Thank you for sharing your gift and a touch of your soul.  Beautiful!


Wow wow wow! What a delightful surprise to drive by and hear your music!  Had to stop and visit for a while. Thanks!


Bent – your music brought tears to my eyes. Your voice and lyrics are so beautiful.  This sanctuary you have built makes me happy. Thank you for your creativity. It was much appreciated by us.

Matt & Perry

Dropping by on our way home to LA.  Such an unexpected gem!  Keep being a beautiful sanctuary!


Your talent is amazing!!!!

Beodriz and Jeff

The Crooked Path you moved us with your music and welcoming energy.  What an amazing venue. Brought us so much joy! You are amazing! Thank you for touching our souls!


Your ability to draw us in from the street with your amazing talent is something very special.

Lori, Bek & /Cliff

Thanks for the moment of beauty & sharing your art & love of music.

Matt & Vicki

What a perfect place to spend an afternoon.  Great atmosphere. Lovely songs & just overall fabulous.  Thank you!


This is such a special place.  I am so thankful thing like this still exist.  It’s grounding and brings people back to the moment.  I can’t wait to spend more weekends listening to your amazing music.  Thank you.