- A Music Sanctuary, by Rev. Bent Myggen

2885 Grand Ave. Many Los Olivians have lived here over the past 80 years. It is now home and production HQ for and we've named the garden, The Crooked Path, because everything in nature is crooked - there is a crooked path leading to our door, and my name also happens to be Bent.

During most summer weekends, visitors are encouraged to bring their own food, wine & blankets and listen to original live music. As a private home and sanctuary, The Crooked Path is a place where music is offered to inspire spiritual journies and personal transformations. Counselling and healing is also offered upon request.


The Crooked Path is not a commercial venue. We serve no food or drink (except water) nor offer bathrooms. We encourage folks to bring a boxlunch from local restaurants, their own wine or beer, and be our guest at the tables or on blankets in the grass. The music is always free, but since other things cost money, tips and contributions are always appreciated.

Performances are broadcast via live webcam.

Local players and singers are invited to contact or stop by.




Endure a short commercial & watch live from CP


Congratulations to Flor Lopez & Westley Perminski, married
11/18/11 at the Crooked Path
by Reverend Bent.


Eric Brittain

Eric Brittain from Atascadero
- always a welcomed
musical contributor.

  Frank & Bent


Bent, Frank Palmer & his wolf.

Good times at the Crooked Path



Gabriella & friends.



Local musicians - Universal spirit.


To listen to original music and CDs being performed at the Crooked Path, click here.