“True Art always resonates with the soul. Magi Myggen is a true artist and her work always resonates. Her medium is your home and office. I’ve seen the results first hand, incredible transformations!”

- Bruce Giffin, Giffin & Crane General Contractors, Inc. ….

“Magi Myggen is truly a gifted and transformational artist, with a background in traditional design as well as the ancient art of Feng Shui.  Her educated and intuitive talents are the best I’ve experienced. Also, she’s just plain fun and inspiring to listen to and work with!”

- Jonatha King, King Communications ….

“At Downey’s restaurant, we were amazed at the improvement Magi’s design and Feng Shui advice made for the fine dining experience of our guests. Many people comment on how beautiful our environment feels – we love it!”

- Liz Downey, Downey’s Restaurant ….

“Our first experience with Magi Myggen was in 2008, when we needed to sell a waterfront home in Seattle that renters had all but destroyed by ripping out light fixtures and mirrors off the walls and painting every room in the entire house a different – and garish color.  I picked Magi up at the airport, and before the day’s end, she’d picked out paint and fixtures – inside the house, and outdoors, that literally transformed the badly-treated rental, into a warm and inviting home.  We credit Magi with our success in selling the house.”

- Steve and Coral Frost, Attorney and Court Reporter ….

“Whether focusing on the home or office, Magi integrates the elements of design and energy to enhance your life and style!”

- Mary Ellen Tiffany, VP.Montecito Bank & Trust ….

“We’ve moved twice during the last eight years and each time the first thing we did was call Magi.  Her work is pure magic! On both occasions, she helped us create a beautiful, uplifting, and flowing living space that surpassed our expectations. Her ability to create solutions with color, design and furnishings while staying within a modest budget is amazing.  We especially appreciate her boundless energy, positive spirit and her ability to work with us as a couple who often have conflicting ideas between ourselves.  Boy, is she worth every cent!”.

- Michael Wagner and Deborah Lena Frazier ….

Magi is creative, versatile, has a wonderful eye and is always respectful of budget. I have used her services in three separate homes and two business settings.”

- Kathy Yuill, Marketing Director ….

“When I put my house on the market in 2008 I needed help with staging and with those “finishing” touches that require the eye of an artist.  Magi chose the right paint colors, gorgeous plants and a minimal amount of inexpensive furniture to transform the space into an oasis. Shopping with Magi was like watching an intuitive at work.  She picked up seemingly random items and somehow they magically all fit together beautifully.  My house sold the first day it was shown! I am so grateful to her, and have now asked her to help me again.”

- Odette Springer, Filmmaker ….

“Magi did an amazing job of transforming my tract home into a beautiful custom-looking very unique place I love, inside and out. Such great ideas I’d never have thought to choose.  It feels like my tastes have come to life, which is the really great part.  She is economically minded so it doesn’t mean paying a fortune.  I get endless compliments.  Magi has a real gift.”

- Scott Davis, Accountant ….

“I could see that Magi wasn’t coming in as a decorator.  There was a deeper current of reality underneath Feng Shui’s design process.  I believe in the deeper patterns of nature, and I realized I had not applied that sensitivity to my home environment.  The more conscious we become of everything around us, the more opportunities we have to make life better for ourselves and other people”.

- Barbara Marx Hubbard, Author and Futurist

“Whenever I buy a new house I ask Magi Myggen to visit and tell me the best ways to make my purchase more balanced and beautiful.  She never fails to please. Sometimes the Feng Shui is seriously off and Magi always has a solution.  She has a beautiful presence and a heart of beauty.  Magi is a treasure – enjoy her”.

- Valerie Kirkgard, Radio Host …..…..