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Composer/songwriter/performer, Bent Myggen scores most of VisionEars' productions and has produced, published and released roughly 300 titles - in over 30 countries. Bent 10 years agoHis music is heard on TV-shows such as Sesamie Street and Beverly Hills 90210, as well as Hollywood movies like Burt Reynolds' "Hooper" and "Smokey bites the Dust". Bent has also released a dozen CDs and Albums in Europe and United States, and appeared in hundreds of radio & television programs in Denmark, Germany & Holland.

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As a passionate music-innovator, Bent Myggen also performs live with many talented musicians from a wide background of musical styles.

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Captain Bentley's Wild Adventure

- All original Funkabilly band, Hot Blast Florence, featuring many talented players and singers from Bluegrass to Funk - and a batch of new songs.

Good jam-tunes

Form Object

1: Walking man, 2: A way if you're willing, 3: Family,
4: Waperpump Song

I could be Crazy

Soulful & sweet songs about love, life and the pursuit of that which never dies. Recorded in Palm Springs & Santa Barbara. Tight production.

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1: I could be Crazy,
2: Whoa Now, 3: Coming for to take me Home. 4: Tea Kettle Song. 5: Invisible Man,
6: The times we never had.


New and remixed duets with Magi and Bent Myggen. A personal portrait from two musical talents with a rare connection - in the style of folk, blues and country. Recorded from 1990 to 2008.

Form Object

1: We're Here, it's now.
2: The Wind. 3: Who do you want to be? 4: Roses for the Dead

Thank You

Sweet & fun songs from a crazy Dane.
17 selections from Folk to Country and R&B.
Recorded in Hollywood, Ca, 1982.


1: Mrs. Jacobe. 2: Give it Away.
3: Can I be with you.
4: June 73.
5: She will always stay.



- A collection of musical snapshots of friends and family. Personal songs performed by Bent & Magi Myggen.

1: Photograph. 2: Du Husker.
3: Mikael's Song. 4: Patricia.
5: My, My, Mai


Music for Massage
Level One.

Instrumental music and soundscapes for massage and other loving encounters.

Melodies to capture the mind, so the Soul can get the message.

Music for Massage
Form Object

1: Starfield #1
2: Royal Bed
3: United Nations.



Level Two

Soothing music, bells, birds & a horse.
Originally composed for guided meditations by Simone Byers.

Calms energy in any environment.

1: Guitar Improv
2: Bells and Bowls
3: Birds and keys


Level Three

Moments of Inspiration captured. Spontaneous compositions for grand piano & electronic double keyboard - recorded in one take and never played again.

- For meditation, inspiration or deep inner work.

Form Object

1: Piano #3. 2: Fog over water.
3: Piano #1 with bird.
4: Orchestral morning
5: My Kingdom for a Film

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