The Tribe Among Tribes

I have come to think that those who can hear, those who listen and appreciate music – is a tribe among tribes.

In every race, religion, creed, family or people  – through all of time – there has been a certain percentage of true listeners.  Music has probably been around longer than language and the listeners were more than likely the ones who would figure out how to make instruments, then music, rhythm, melody…

(They are also often the ones who smell the roses and like to walk on wet grass)

Those who come into the Crooked Path because they hear music are often of this tribe. Those who stumble upon this website and relate to things around here, are probably also in league with the general principle of giving and receiving.

If you think you are and would like to be an official member of the Tribe, get news-blurbs and such – there is a way to do it.

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