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Arielle - God's Lion was the first documentary made by then Win/Win Productions in Los Angeless, 1986. Bent and Magi Myggen follow the events leading up to - and through Avi and Roberta's underwater birth at home in Hollywood.
Introductions by Rev. Marianne Williamson and Binnie Dansby.
Original music by Bent Myggen and Kevin Braheny.
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Always, Michael - a short film commissioned by Andrea Cagan to remember Michael Katz, playwriter striken by AIDS when the disease was first discovered. Michael wrote and directed the stage production "AIDS/Us", as well as "Taking Care" during the '80s in Los Angeles.
Participants in the video are friends and family.
Original music by Bent and Magi Myggen. (Time: 19:13)

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Michael Katz

Only Love
- a multi-portrait of a mixed group of friends, called The Family in LA, 1987, and the gay marriage of Bent & Magi Myggen's housemates, Steve and Manuel. The film has lasted longer than the union, but still paints a picture of the hearts and minds of many who met attending the "Human Potential Movement" seminars such as Landmark, Life Spring, Justin Sterling, The Sage Experience, New Warriors & such. Our apologies for using a few popular music tracs in this production - along with the original music. (Time: 21:32)
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Nepal Discovery
was made for Wilderness Travel in 1990.
Bent and Magi Myggen journey into the the foothills of the Himalayan mountains and places where there were no roads, radio or TV - and few Westeners had gone before. Short introduction by Wilderness Travel.
(Time: 27:26)

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Gentle Birth Choices - was made by then WIN/WIN Productions for Waterbirth International in 1993. The video is the most sold birthing video in America and has been translated into 7 languares. The video tracks the real events of 6 births, along with interviews from doctors, midwives, mothers and fathers. Original score and songs. Graphic scenes, but extraordinary content.
(Time: 27:26)

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Goodbye my Friend - a film about a community of friends in Los Angeles, called "the Family" - and dancer James Maxwell, who contracted AIDS and died in 1991.
Participants in the video are his friends and family. This video was produced through Beverly Hills Public TV, and we were able to utilize some non-original music and songs via it's broadcasting license. All other music and production by Bent and Magi Myggen.
(Time: 19:13)

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James Maxwell

Happy Birthday, Dana. A surprise family-video for Dana, instigated by John Shadley. Special feature - a Russian Teaparty hosted by Christiam and Michael, and James' street dance (also seen in "Goodbye my Friend"). (Time 21:32)
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The Painting Experience (Part 1) A video portrait in two parts of "intuitive painter" Michele Cassou's discovery of her special talent.

Part One describes first encounter with the art-world and how children put her on the right path.
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The Painting Experience (Part 2)

In Part Two Michele's brush "takes over" and paints her way though the experience of death and rebirth.
Original music by Bent Myggen scored to voice and pictures. (Time 21:32)

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Part One

Part Two


Through Nature's Beauty.
Jennifer Butler is a color and style-expert in Los Angeles. This video gives a glimpse of her world and how she sees things.
(Time 8:50)

Original music, footage, editing & direction by Bent & Magi Myggen, then WIN/WIN Productions.
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Jennifer Butler

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