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Wedding DVD Productions is a special category.

A wedding is a movie-set for one day.
Months of planning have often gone into every detail.
Finally they day arrives, and it goes by like a freight train.
Next day you have each other, snapshots and frozen cake.
A good video captures the day forever, but it's not easy to shoot.
There are no re-takes and sound & picture has to be excellent without getting in anyone's way.
It's not a job for amateurs...

The Red Package: The Blue Package

Video from arrival to last dance.
Three DVDs of all footage shot.
A specially edited 5 minute music video,
showing the highlights of the day in M-TV style, using filters, slo-mo and special effects - uplinked to YouTube or other websites for friends and relatives to enjoy.

Highly popular with friends and family.
Video from arrival to last dance.
Three DVDs of all footage shot

This budget package ensures good footage that can be edited later by us or anyone you choose. You may also be happy with it just the way it is (usually 75 minutes long).
$ 600.-
$ 1,200.-

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