A life.

Inga PhotoInge Steinbach became a friend of mine over the past years.  She was an avid photographer, artist, with a constant curiosity about life and art.  She would stop by or call me with questions of cameras, computers and the electronic paint-programs she was trying to learn.  I’m not sure how old she was, perhaps 80 something.

I had not heard from her in a little over a month, when Paula Paola (also friend) went by her place to see how she was.  From a neighbor she heard that Inge had died 3 weeks ago from melanoma.  It had happened pretty quick, but unfortunately painfully.  This picture is the only one I was able to take of her one day when we were both out photographing horses.  She otherwise refused to have her picture taken even though she did several (exhaustive) sessions with me as the subject.  Inge was born and raised in Germany and had the love of precision often expressed by Germans, but loved all living creatures and would bring treats to my mother’s dog.

There was no memorial, I don’t know if she had family left, and it (again) made me think of life here on planet Earth.  Inge lived a whole life, traveled, met people, served everyone that I know of and all that is now left is a single picture, along with this 30 second video-clip I randomly recorded one day when she was discussing her art with my then-friend Robyn.

It may not be much, but I carry a bit of her spirit with me.

Bless your soul, my dear Inge.