The Thoughtful Man


There is a breed of men fading towards the horizon:  The Thoughtful Man.

Today we have no time for thought.  Always in a hurry, modern life is a place where decisions are already made and personal opinions are considered a hindrance to achieving the greater good.  A man who goes about his day in an unhurried way and thinks about life, discusses ideas with others – used to be called thoughtful and thought of with a smile.

I was recently called a thoughtful man.  Spoken by a woman as a description, perhaps not even meant as a compliment allthough I took is as one.  It reminded me of thoughtful men (and women) I have met.  The conversations, places under stars, under palm-trees, by the ocean, in the desert, in hot tubs or riding in cars – truth and friendships so fully consumed among souls on their journey…

Those were pivotal moments in my life, life-changing sometimes, that gave soul and strength for journeys to come.   Now the screens have come to entertain the masses, and answers and opinions are offered like food from a buffet. There is no reason to think – only to choose among the options presented.

A Final Note:

When we say, “Everyone has an opinion”,  it is not true, because thoughts are not opinions.  A thoughtful man is one who considers his thoughts and then (though not always) forms an opinion.

– Just a thought.


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