The right of a women to abort a baby is a subject for much debate.  Some say life begins at conception, others say life starts when we are born.

My view is that it is a deep human mystery when life begins and not for a government to decide through laws and regulation.  As hard as it seems, I also believe a woman has the legal right to determine what happens in her body, hence she can ask a willing doctor to perform an abortion.  While I, and many others may consider most abortions a form of murder, I maintain that a woman indeed has the legal – even if not moral – right to abort. It is up to friends, family and so on to convince her otherwise.

At the same time, if the baby survives outside the mother I believe this baby has instant right to life as an individual citizen and the mother has no right to determine it’s fate.  Even the abortion doctor has a mandate as a doctor to save the child if he/she can.

In short, a baby only has legal protection after birth, but while abortions should be legal, society is  under any obligation to assist in, or pay for abortions.

of I have been present to (and assisted) 8 live births – one by Cesarian. My views about abortion changed the moment I saw a live ultrasound video of my son-to-be in the doctor’s office. As soon as the picture came on he stopped his motion and turned his head to face the “camera”. It was as if he looked straight at me from the womb – at 60 days development. I “got” that there was someone present and could never have aborted him. Luckily, my wife thought the same.