Just keep going


index video side2Look at us here
Who are we now?
Millions of miles through space
to get to where we are.
I look in your eyes
I see where you’ve been
You’ve walked through the desert sand
with your back to the wind

And you just keep going
Keeping on keeping on
You just keep going…

From father to son
it’s a story begun,
That grandmother’s grandmother told
before passing on
And all of the souls
that brought us to here
Now urge us to love before we, too, disappear

And we just keep going.
Keeping on keeping on
We just keep going.

And all of your questions are like voices in your ear
You have listen with your heart to truly hear
I have to tell you, I was chosen for this task
If you want eternal love,
then all you gotta do,
all you gotta do is

So look at us here
Ain’t we a pair?
Lucky to live and discover how much we care
Where do we go?
I think I might know
I hold you, I touch you I tell you I love you so

And we just keep going
Keeping on keeping on,
We just keep going…