Bent Myggen’s original CDs.

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Produced in LA, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara and Los Olivos from 1990 to 2018 – these are songs, instrumentals and soundscapes by  yours truly.

You can listen to whole albums at a time (just start at the top) – or jump around as you wish.

All songs and music is copyrighted material, but available for films, videos & movies under certain conditions (see “Legal Info” here).

Original Songs:

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Guitar Songs
Bent Sten Hansen was my birth name. Our family changed from Hansen to Myggen when I was 16.  This CD is a return to my roots as well as the simplicity of voice and guitar.

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Thank You
Songs from a crazy Dane in L.A.

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I Could be Crazy
but then again, it could be you.
Songs from Santa Barbara and S.Y.Valley.

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A collection of musical snapshots of family and friends living in LA.

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Captain Bentley’s Wild Adventure
Original songs performed with local musicians in Los Olivos.

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Timeless Duets with Magi Myggen

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It’s everything else that costs money.
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Instrumental Music and Soundscapes:

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Music for Massage – and other loving encounters.
Instrumental music and soundscapes designed for lovers and healing body-work.

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Live spontaneous acoustic piano compositions.

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Compositions for quiet moments.

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Spontaneous Music, live recordings of grand piano and double keyboards.

An honest man tells the truth,
but a decent one doesn’t tell everyone.

B Hansen

The music is a gift – it’s everything else that costs money.