The way I see it is that all of life is a miracle, and as I study what scientists come up with, every detail of our natural universe bears witness of an intelligence so vast our brains are no match to comprehend even the coattails of it.  We are mortals with abilities tailored to see a particular perspective. Our bodies and minds will perish but our Soul will not.

While I have no rush to get to the end of life, nor to know who/what is the source of it all, I am interested in knowing the way in which things work.  I figure that I do not need to know how gravity works any more than knowing how a transmission in a car functions – in order to use it.  I do not need to monitor the billions of processes that occur at any moment in order to give me a body to live in, and neither do I need to know what happens after we die.  I am here for now and wish to experience life of a human being as fully as possible.

AUT_0037I believe life is a sort-of game we have chosen to participate in. We have limitations based on a shared belief system, but probably have a lot more power than we will ever know. Words have power, thoughts focus energy – and we have free will to create our own reality.  As far as the super-being we call God keeping an eye on us – I do not think such a being has a predestined plan for each of us.  Life is a game where we have limited knowledge but free will to act.  We have free will to create a joyful or miserable experience here on Earth and Great Mystery does not judge us, nor punish us for bad behavior. Religions that believe in “sin” or say to be  “God-fearing”  seem illogical to me.  Why would I fear something which which created the entire universe including me.  Something that propels each molecule to exist in the Universe?  I used to say, If God had wanted me to do everything right  – He/She/It/We/They would have fired me a long time ago.

Even the ideas of “Karma” seem a bit skewed to me:  If I am presented with a choice and opt for playing small or petty I will live through the consequences of that choice.  There will be no victory dance, no hero’s welcome, nor joy to share with others when taking the lesser road.  The punishment for stealing, is time spent feeling like a thief.  Unearned victories are seldom celebrated.  The “sin” that some religions speak of, is a word meaning to “fall short” – as it was used in Roman times in Archery, from what I’ve heard.  To me it means that if you don’t jump into the burning building to save the baby, there is no punishment from the universe even if the baby dies.  The flames provide a temporary opening for the path of a hero – and with it an indescribable experience, but it is only a potential and if you fall short it is simply a lesser experience. No Karma is being kept track of, like Santa Clause or TRW.  The Universe has no ax to grind.  “Fate” is being in the right place at the right time, but there is no price to pay if we are not, or do not measure up.

I believe our free will even extends through death and some may indeed experience the white tunnel, relatives waiting – while others could create a version of Purgatory, Heaven and Hell on the other side.  Hopefully some angels are standing by to intervene in such cases, but I think we still will govern our own soul’s journey – even from other dimensions. We can choose our next adventure, such as living another life – or coming back as a tree, grasshopper or seagull.

Many scientist say the entire Universe is simply a thought.  I believe the thought is “I exist”.  Science has long been looking for something solid, but it appears there is nothing solid here at all.  First the distance between a nucleus and it’s first electron can be compared to a raisin orbiting an apple, at a 10 miles radius – at the speed of light.  Then Molecules become particles, particles become plusses and minuses – that come from nowhere and disappear without a trace. We are in a reality-dream that can only exist because of what we call Time.  Time creates distance. Without time reality does not exist.  – That’s how far science can take me – and I’ve heard that is what the movie “The Theory of Everything” is all about.

To me, it seems logical that if a vast intelligence have created me they/he/she/it/we – were either not paying attention, or they created everything – including me – on purpose. If they weren’t paying attention they may not even know we exist – in which case we can go on living, perhaps like barnacles on a ship, but if we were created as a deliberate act, maybe they/he/she/it/we is/are still on our side. It’s a chance worth taking and I believe talking to a bush is just as good as talking to a cross in a church. We seem to be heard and responded to in a myriad of ways and I have no idea how or why.

The question many people often ask God is: “What is the meaning of life?” – but is not a fair question.  We were given free will and it is the Creator’s question to us:  “What gives your life meaning?”

For me it’s gotta be music.