Fire at the Grange

Perhaps a bit tardy, I would still like to express my condolence to everyone who loved coming to the Grange. I woke up that morning to smoke and firemen doing what they could. Smoke. Lots of it engulfed the old building. In the afternoon all was calm.

I went inside the building and took a few pictures.  It looked to me as if the fire had started under the floor.   Like the phoenix, perhaps. I hope it will all be for the better in the end.

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Although I did not participate in many events at the Grange, I often heard talking and playing from my backyard.  Rotary, POLO, kids’ disco-events, blue-grass music, and church services on Sunday with a beautiful female lead singer.I wish I had risen earlier, seen the smoke and lessened the damage, but wishes are horses that beggars can ride, I think they say.

I hope all will be well, I hear a lot of activity inside, and it seems the Grange will rise again in a few months with – perhaps – a new and better kitchen.

Blessings from the Crooked Path Music Sanctuary.