It’s Called Music

Latest insight: The word “Music” (everyone properly knows this), comes from the word “Muse”.
A Muse is a spirit that fills us with inspiration.
When people hear the music they are sometimes (a)Mused.

Mike at studioTo musicians, the art of listening is also the invitation for a spirit to arrive, a Muse to come.
When many are gathered, music focuses energy.
All, who listen expand the field of music.
A musical composition provides the structure for a connection between players, a sort of jungle-jim everyone can climb around in which keeps expanding.
As players learn to step back, play less, but still be present, they do the opposite of what most players do.
Usually when the music gets good, players get louder and play more notes.  They figure if 15 balls on the table is fun, then 20 must be even better.
This is different.  This is listening with instruments.

By stepping back we are creating a vacuum.
A vacuum draws people in.
The sound a musician makes is the witness of his/her presence in the audio field.
Why do people clap their hands an applause?
They want those who they listened to – to hear them say “we are with you”.

You have to be human to hear music.
You don’t have to have a soul to remember – a computer can do that – but you have to be human to hear music.
You also have to human to respond to humor, as well as have compassion for others.
Music, humor and compassion is like a secret handshake between souls, and probably a dead give-away if ever hiding among alternate species.

Many times I now feel this Muse, this presence of presence of more than are physically present.
It is an ecstatic presence.
Music is not the notes, but the space between them.