The Crooked Path Membership Signup Page

The Crooked Path is open to the public on weekends. We are a music sanctuary with Rev Bent presiding and rely on the generosity of our visitors to offset expenses.

Your contribution of $100.00, $150.00, or $200.00 for a year supports The Crooked Path to keep the music going – and provides you with perks and privileges (see below),

Thank you!

To become a member,
please use the Venmo icon here.
We will be notified and thank you profusely.

Membership means you are truly popular at the Crooked Path for supporting live music – especially ours.  There are a few perks and special privileges we can also add:

  1. Access to play or download music from Bent.
  2. Ability to reserve seats and tables in advance.
  3. Get discounts when/if booking TCP for private events.
  4. As a member – and with an added, sensible donation – you and up to five of your friends can also become our special guest(s) for all of Saturday or Sunday afternoons before and during performances.  Rest, converse, wander in town, have wine and munchies, go biking, get healing-treatments. For members only.  For reservations call Karen Seeley (805) 540 0909 or email to discuss details.