Legally Speaking:

Personal use of music and videos:

  • Visitors and/or members of The Tribe are invited to watch and listen to all videos, songs and sound-clips presented on this site.
  • It is legal to download, copy and pass all media among friends. It is honorable when contributions are also made.
  • It is ok to use music and songs for personal & family productions such as wedding videos, legacy films or experimental multimedia art.  If income from such productions starts to look like real money, contact me to share a percentage.

Commercial use of music and videos:

  • All songs, music and videos published on is copyrighted from 1970 to present day by yours truly, Bent Myggen, BMI.
  • No media may be used to advertise a product without written consent.
  • Contact me to use music and/or songs for non-profit, low or no-budget productions, healing videos and other human interest projects.
  • For theatrical films and/or productions for TV – contact me for a “mechanical license” and other permissions.