Mikael Sten Myggen

Our son, Mikael Myggen, now 26 years old, was suddenly diagnosed Feb 17, 2015 with Acute Leukemia and Brain Strokes.  He woke up and could not move his leg, then arm and hand.  He was brought to the emergency room at Cottage by his mother and friend.  Over the next 72 hours the doctors were not hopeful as they had never seen someone survive with such a high white-cell count.  He did.  Today the chances are in his favor to be cured of Leukemia.

It has taken 4 years of Chemo, treatments, rehabilitation and strong will by Mikael.

Luckily, the medical costs and good doctors were mostly covered, and wonderful friends have donated to help us give him place to live, equipment and care.  The first 6 months was the hardest, as he could only get around in a wheelchair and occasional walker. Today he is still walking with a sleepy foot, but working hard at getting full health back.  

Mikael’s Go-Fund Me page.

Short video from our first fund-raiser.

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Report from (Mom) Magi Myggen 2016:

It’s Mother’s Day…..    or in my case, ‘Mother’s year’ ! ….. Today I am thinking of all of you friends and family, who have stood by us for the past 3 months, sending prayers and support for the love of Mikael. This has been the journey of a lifetime -for me…. certainly for Mikael, and for everyone who loves him. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who has held the intention for Mikael’s healing. Now, at another critical juncture I thought I would fill you in on our ‘itinerary’.

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After almost 3 months in a hospital bed, Mik is scheduled to ‘go home’ on Friday, pending heavy chemo schedule next week. If he’s strong enough to leave, he will continue physical therapy on an out-patient basis to recover the function of his right arm and leg, so far so good. Right now he can navigate short distances with a walker, and longer ones in a wheelchair. Thanks to video games ( did I just say that…?) his right hand is in fine shape!
Although Mikael’s form of Leukemia is considered ‘curable’, it entails a 3-1/2 year protocal of chemo therapy- and I can tell you right now, this is no picnic!…   We just finished a 12 day stint back at the main hospital oncology ward (as opposed to Rehab Hospital) due to reactions to the therapy, including 104* temperatures, nausea and almost no white blood cells i.e., no immune system- for over a week. I’m told this is typical, and may happen repeatedly.
But as hard as it’s been on so many levels for me as a parent- I am simply in awe of Mikael’s spirit and bravery every step of the way. He is on a hero’s journey, and I am so veryproud of him- and honored to be his mom.
On a practical level, we have rented a small apartment for Mikael near the hospital and near his friends, where I will serve as primary caregiver for the better part of a year. I will be spending nights with him for the first few months at least, and hopefully get some hours of daycare covered to free up a work schedule.
Currently, a great deal of my time has been taken up with fundraising activites- an unfortunate part of the healing equation that is non-negotiable. We are trying everything and anything we can think of to support Mik’s healing process financially. Although most medical costs are covered by insurance (praise god!)- there are sooooo many other expenses along the way- it’s quite daunting. Please know as my close friends and family, that I never want any of you to feel uncomfortable with these requests for help. I hope you will understand the need, and respond according to your own truth and circumstances.
Meanwhile- I will keep ‘THE REPORT’ coming, as a way of staying in touch for now, when my time is so very limited. Also will follow this email with another re: current fundraising project you might want to know about.
Sending a mother’s love to each and everyone of you~ with wishes for a beautiful day!
(don’t forget to smell the roses!)