New Year, New Page…

I have done something new.  Asked.  It has always been difficult for me to mention as much as the tip-jars during the show. There must be something about asking money for something that is a gift that is hard to do.  So, I say that the music is free, but please contribute what you can to the pipes, wires, electricity and what-else (and folks do).

Then my son mentioned a website created to fund artistic projects, called Patrion.  Ideas, films and videos, even music projects become funded there, so why not?  I said to myself one day when I was actually listening.  I don’t know if it will net as much as a dollar, but I’m looking to fund the idea of having guest-stars be scheduled (and paid) to show their stuff, backed by the Best Available Band, of course.

If you’d like to support any part of the foolish endeavor – or have rich friends you can inspire about this live-music sanctuary called The Crooked Path – here it is:

And goodness gracious, Thank You!