Perspective 2015

From where I’m sitting

750x319xdynamic-tower.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Z2Oo4n7922The World is like a tall building with each floor being pushed in one lateral direction or another.  Miraculously the building is still standing, but if too many floors were to end up pushing out in the same direction everything would collapse.

A Universe of Systems.

Although each floor is trying to influence the floor above and below, it is mostly a world onto itself.  The floors are stratospheres called Politics, World Bank, Religions, Sports, Entertainment, Unions, Industries like Oil and Environmental “Protection” Bureaucracies – all pushing their agenda and constantly growing in size.  Everything in this Universe of Systems seems driven forward by individuals with a strong desire for power – and no or little interest in solving problems.  Today a decent person, modest and humble could not desire the office of President of the United States.  First, consider the level of hatred he/she would encounter from those who rely on corruption. Any act of the past immediately becomes fair game to view and judge.  Second, the arena of politics must be like being in a swamp with no boat.  A decent man would have to be either a fool or commanded personally by God to enter politics.  Thirdly, the money need to mount a campaign also necessitates deals to be made with people and/or organizations expecting big favors later.  Finally We the People apparently pay government workers above the market and High Officials way below the going rate for geniuses.  How much? Around $260.00 for a President, I heard.  A powerful CEO can cash in $10 Mil in the open market.  It seems the voting public realized they could not get good leaders, only lesser of two evils,  and settled for the best entertainer they could get.

You Call That News?

What I see in 2015 is that the so-called News that most people watch is regulated to the precise degree it takes to pacify the population.  How, I don’t know.  In ancient Rome they had the Colosseum to keep the people from bothering the officials with pesky questions like “are we being invaded?”.  Today with have Big-Screen TV.  There we can show people’s limbs being torn off in the best tradition of the ColoWAtching-TVsseum – and the programmers also make the people laugh, get them angry, vote one way or another – while at the same time buying Viagra, lawn movers and fat-diets as advertised.  The screen is now the ultimate “reality”.  A reporter after a tornado stood in the wreckage of a small town and said,  It’s like being in a movie….  No, Darling, I heard myself say, It is the movie that is like the hurricane.  The screen has flavors of orientation, but the same stories are shared between all the networks.  Scandals are rotated once a week, murders of blond women usually last a month – events come and go like soap-operas that never ends.  They say that America learns geography by foreign wars.  Network News is based on selling commercials and regulated by supporting a mindset.  The News reports on  increasingly frightening events, but not so scary or confronting that the viewer turns it off.  The news selects the conversations people are having, by choosing what to report,  then it offers the viewer “choice” by offering two perspectives, usually Left or Right, Right or Wrong, Good or Bad and so henceforth.

Zombieotics (the art of creating zombies)

Americans are, and have been primed, “informed” about issues of fashion, attitudes, symbols of success and function of government from the get-go of television.  In Russia, the man who is driving the country back to communism has an 80% approval rating.  The Russian media spins news one way, the American media another and it works for one simple reason: Humans are gullible. We may know we are watching a screen, but it doesn’t matter. Humans have forever been able to trust their eyes told them the truth.  I’ll will believe it when I see it,  we say.  It is in our DNA, just like our fear of heights and animals with sharp teeth is instinctual.  If humans have been walking the planet for a hundred thousand years, then let us note that it is only for the last thirty that we have been habitually watching things that did not exist. Virtual Reality is now reality.  The same way a doughnut pretends to be food, news is ingested by pretending to be truth.

The Danes say, The reason there will never be a revolution in Denmark is that there is too little time between the meals.  The reason Americans are not reaching for their pitchforks is that they first have to see the next segment of their mini-series.  We are being entertained to death, and most folks don’t seem to mind also being lied to.  Some even find it comforting.

When polled 50% prefer chocolate, the other 50% vanilla.  That’s what happens in the absence of leadership.

Still we are still in a world where rocks are hard and water is wet.  Ignorance may be bliss, but it is becoming a luxury item we cannot afford.  I believe that unless we get real leaders very soon America is as doomed as the proverbial snowball.  We will again be slaves in our own systems.

Happy New Year.