I’ve been thinking.
Fixing the grass.
Hanging up a sun-shade.
Testing speakers and a new mixer.
Mixing live performances here at the Crooked Path, in Soulvang and the Garlic Festival. Listening to the recordings and thinking some more.

Jamming over the last few years has been fun and I’ve learned a lot. Things tend to go a certain way: Tight and wonderful in the beginning, and loose and loud at the end. Party is party, and some musicians seem to have a great deal to celebrate. Nothing wrong with that, everything has it’s time and place, but for me the fun is not in getting lost – it is in coming together.

Music happens.


To me Music is the art of listening. Without listening there is no music. The more listening, the bigger the creative field of music. In a bar, music is often used as a way to create an environment of sensory overload, along with TV-screens and alcohol. It serves a purpose and there seems to be a need for all that, while I would like to create an environment of sensory expansion – not overload. This summer I will be inviting those who write, those who play because they like to listen – and those who listen because they can hear – to come to the Crooked Path.

The park next door has had new grass installed. I suspect they will open it back up to the public for the Jazz Festival on June 7th. They usually finish their program around 5, hence I’d like to have a good show ready to go, starting a summer of beautiful music.