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Apotheosis – a wonderful word, meaning the moment inspiration connects us to the Divine.  These are a collection of  spontaneous compositions captured in the moment on grand piano and double-keyboard.  Perhaps a sense of listening, rather than simply playing can be felt, hence it is music well suited for deep body-work, introspection, rainy days, writing letters or simply giving thinking a break.

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Many times, when I’ve sat and “free-played”, some wonderful composition would come through that were so complex that I, sadly, had no way to remember or play them again. Over the years I tried setting up mikes and roll tape, but by the time everything was set to go the inspiration had passed.  As technology changed, I tried pocket-size recording devices and slowly got used to having them on. I also set up my electronic studio keyboards to burn to CD anything that came out of the speakers. After many attempts, a few recordings now stand out of that rare space of inspiration, playing & discovering – using both natural and digital instruments.

Used on this CD were: Grand pianos (the greatest of all antennas) and a double keyboard setup with a Roland FP8 and a Kurzweil K2500X. Every composition was recorded “live” – no Midi, no click-tracks, no cuts or overdubs*, and no pre-existing musical structure was used – hence you may hear a few odd notes along the way.

* While recording track #1: “Piano with bird”, a bird was singing outside.  I later recorded the bird and mixed it into the track. Track #3 also has a brief introduction of a horse.


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