CD: Entheos


This is the second collection of spontaneus keyboard recordings, this time on a Yamaha Grand during November 11, 2012. Performed only once, the music was not planned or preconcieved in any way – hence some may call it music-channeling. It is a personal offering, well suited to center one’s spirit at the end of a long day, or as a backdrop to good conversations. There are no cuts or effects added, and this CD reveals many subtle aspects of the overtones and interplay of a real (well tuned) piano.

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[Entheos – To be inspired by God] – a wonderful word. 

Living in Los Olivos, California, one day I heard someone play a grand piano from a nearby house. I knocked on the door and met Robyn, pianist, and we became friends. Robyn’s mother, Karen, also a pianist, had gifted Robyn with her beautiful Yamaha Grand and through her instrument this music came to be.  In the midst of what can safely be called an extremely challenging relationship, one could say the piano became the eye of the hurricane for me.  The first six cuts (25 minutes) were recorded/composed in one continous sitting – with several hundred crickets outside striking E-sharp and Robyn sometimes moving around the house in the background.

It is sound of someone listening, and (as with “Apotheosis”) a good CD to listen to in times of desire for peace and grace.


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