CD: Music for Massage


Instrumental music and soundscapes designed for lovers and healing body-work.  Also great for driving through scenic landscapes.

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This CD was created at the request of body-worker Jennifer Ryan Jackson in Los Angeles, who asked for music with a particular feel and dynamics: Loving and peaceful in nature with enough melodic content to give the mind something to do so the spirit can receive. This music may also also serve in the practise of Tantra, the ancient art of love and sexual ecstacy, as the tracks were created, compiled and performed with this intention.

Of particular interest should be Track #5 “U.N.” which was commissioned by the United Nations for the World Exposition, held in Korea 1993. Elements include a native African village, Tibettan chants, Japanese Chakuhachi Flute, Gregorian chants and many more sounds from around the world. Track #4 was recorded during it’s composition and other instruments were added later.

Many people think sound is only heard through our ears, while I regard music as a form of touch as it travels through all of the body.  It is the first CD in a series – intended to calm the mind and go deep into the realm of emotion.


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