CD: Photograph


A collection of musical snapshots of family and friends living in LA.

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1: “We’re Here” – a song written for, and performed in Michael Katz’ “Aids/Us” theatrical show in L.A. 2: “Send a Brenda” – Radio-host, Valorie Kirkgaard commissioned a song for her friend, Benda. 3: “Patricia” – When Brenda didn’t work out, Valorie found another friend, Patricia. The song lived longer than the relationship.  4: “Du Husker” – means, “you remember” in Danish, a song for Bent’s father about their time in Denmark. 5: “Michael Didn’t come Home” – Michael Craig, a singer with Magi and Bent walked alone in Hollywood one night and was attacked by (we presume homophobic) cops. They broke his leg for jay-walking (gay-walking?) 6: “Christiam I am” – is a birthday song for a magical man, I call “the President of Paradise”. His name is Cristiam Nebadom. 7: “Photograph“. – Reflects a moment when a photo became almost real. 8: “Almost Ordinary People” – has become the title song of Valorie Kirkgaard’s radio show in LA. 9: “My, My, Mai“. – An ode to Magi’s daughter Mai. 10: “Dominic Peter Andrew” – Michael Lawrence Martin D’Arcy was (and is) his full name. This French/ Englishman was a treasure who loved Jennifer Butler and now lives in Costa Rica.  11: “Jenny B” – The lady who loved Dominic, until she couldn’t “deal” any more. She still lives in LA.  12: “House on Franklin” – My proposal song to Magi when she lived in the hills of Hollywood. We were married, had a son, moved to Santa Barbara, got divorced, but our lives together are probably never over.


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