CD: Reunion


Beautiful duets and songs of love and everything that love involves. Warning: This CD has been reported to have addictive qualities.  Otherwise reasonable people play it over and over.


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Most of the songs on this CD are all aspects of the relationship between Bent and Magi Myggen. The two met as performers and found a soul-connection expressed in music. Magi, trained in opera, but resonating country music, became a magical compliment to Bent’s original folk and jazz influenced songs. Thank you Daniel Bortz for cello on #2, and David Ericson for keyboard on the same song. A few tracks are re-preases from other albums, such as Thank You and I could be Crazy. Song #5 was written and performed for the stage-play “Aids/Us”. ¬†Bent wrote song #8 at the age of 17 at his grandfather’s (Alfred Madsen) passing, and song #11 for his father’s (Arne Myggen).

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