CD: Thank You


Enduring songs from life in Los Angeles.  Many styles and fine players embedded in these tracks. Recorded analogue in North Hollywood this CD contains 17 original songs and instrumentals including birds and steam locomotives.  Good stuff.  Listen to the whole album here and/or order the better quality CD.  Thank you.

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1: Alive One – James Felix (Bass)  2: Mrs. Jacobe – Dick Fegy (Guitars)  3: Can I be with You  4: Someone is Watching You – Kevin Braheny (E.W.I.)  5: Thank You  6: Greyhaird Dog – David Zasloff (Trumpet), Frank Gruner (Bass), 7: The Thick of it 8: Give it Away 9: Still Life – A Danish Nightingale 3AM, 10: Mallebrok – Frilandsmuseet/Denmark 11: My Baby’s Crazy – Mark Josephs (Blues Harmonica), 12: You and I – Jennifer Jackson (Vocals), 13: Gimme Back – Heits & Wiebe Families (Applause), Tony Martinez (Trumpet), Jon Cross (Sax) 14: Learning the Waltz 15: First Time – Michael Craig & Magi Bloomfield (Vocals) 16: A Change would do you good – Mary Crawford (Flutes) 17: June ’73 – Dominc D’Arcy (Intro) Bill Severence (Drums), Tom Fowler (Bass), Jesse Gress (Guitar), Rick Andersen (Percussion) & a Steam Locomotive 18: She will always stay – Vermettya Royseter (Vocals).

Listen to the whole album here or get the better audio-quality CD (donate ten bucks and we’ll either ship you a CD or send you wave files for download).


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