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Bent Sten Hansen was my birth name. Our family changed from Hansen to Myggen when I was 16. This CD is a return to my roots as well as the simplicity of voice and guitar.

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Recent songs and recordings of guitar-based compositions.  “The Diddie” is a song about the song I couldn’t write.  “Stimulation Overload” was recorded live in nature late one night.  You hear crickets, birds and rain starting to fall halfway through the song.  “Melancholy Blues” was written many years ago in Vermont and has been a favorite of many.  “New Love” a harbinger of just that,  written in DADGAD-tuned guitar.  I love these chordings. “Amherst 3AM” – song about a secret visitor I had one night, while staying at friends’ house – true story.  “Room at the Edge” – written just before I came to live in Santa Ynez Valley – the song was a little ahead of its time. “Someday” – probably the best jazz-blues set of chords I have ever written – sweet, but very sad song written at the breakup of Jennifer and I oh some 20 years ago in Lake Arrowhead.  “One Note” a recent composition with a classical tone.  The guitar and other instruments are the best sounding recordings I have made to date.



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