separatedI live alone. My son, now 22 lives in a room in the nearby town. My girlfriend resides in her Condo 30 miles away, my ex-wife lives alone in an apartment, her girlfriends also live alone, expecting to come to the end of life single. Most of my friends are single, both women and men.

It used to be that a man would provide food and a place to live, while a woman would support said man by believing in his dreams, his abilities and kindness. She would make a house into a home, and together the man and woman would raise a family. No more. Now we are “equal” and equally alone. She works as hard as he to keep it “together”, pay rent, food, transportation, insurance, all the necessities of life. She has her own dreams to follow and no longer “belongs” to a man, nor does he to her.

Great, isn’t it?  Are we all happy now?  What was supposed to bring us closer by making us equal instead brought us separation.

With regard to music – it has existed in every tribe and at any time of the existence of human beings. Every race, creed, religion, had music for as long as we have used language, perhaps even longer. They say we only acquired the ability to speak about 40,000 years ago. So for at least 40,000 years we have played, sung, made instruments and listened to music. It was live music, of course, where the players and listeners shared time and space together. Roughly 50 years ago we started recording, separating the listeners from the performers. The spiritual connection music once provided, was replaced with the sound of music – delivered like frozen pizza days, weeks or years after it’s creation. The sound of music is not the same as music. Live music is a communal experience confirming the existence of other souls, while a recording is a memory of that experience. What is the difference, you may say? The experience of connecting with others feeds our spirit, while the memory leaves us hungry for something in the past. One may wonder why the sound of music if now everywhere – gas stations, supermarkets, in our cars, waiting on hold, standing in elevators, walking with headphones, in restaurants… Perhaps we cannot get enough music because we are separated from it.

Reality itself has become an image on a flat-screen TV. Our lives only seek to emulate what is shown to us. With the promise to “bring us the world” the entertainment industry has removed us from it. Kids learn details of violent behavior heretofore reserved for mercenary soldiers, and their brains blur the lines between action on the screen and off… Boredom itself has been eliminated – and within a constant barrage of entertainment we have become separated from our own thoughts and feelings.

Cell phones often touted as “bringing us together” chops our voice into binary zeros and ones as we exchange messages to each other instead of missing each other’s company enough to meet in person.

Lastly our leaders have succeeded in separating the voting public into races, religions, age-groups, rich/poor, and on and on – in order to gain power. We have become separated from each other under the pretense of making everything “equal and fair”.

I understand that alone we come into this world, and alone we shall leave it. I just thought we could spend a little time together in between.