Space has until now been a gun-free zone – as agreed to by most nations. Now we speak of a new “Space Air-force” branch of our nation’s defense. It seems only logical. Other nations cannot be trusted and may well put weapons in space. Rumor has it that the Chinese already have satellites that can move, find, grab and disable ours.

Of course that means that we will have to put some kind of weapons in space, just to be able to police it of course. Gaining space and orbit superiority, we can then move onto having fortress-space-stations floating in constant orbit. Later, if things go well, we could geo-position ICBWs that can drop nuclear and smaller ordinances anywhere in the world without requiring a launch. Just think of the savings. Perhaps smaller guided missiles can make seasonal strikes on terrorists, or anyone else for that matter. If we don’t already, by collecting from the meta-data pool, we can locate where most people are in real-time, and by combining useful programs like face-recognition and GPS, we can then use small drones to take out any human being with a single key-stroke.

The promise of technology is dazzling, don’t you think?

So Star Wars has started. There were good reasons.
Nothing to see here, just saying:

I could be crazy, but then again it could be you.