Summer 16


So summer 2016 have anchored up to the curb at the Crooked Path. We look forward to an amazing season where all kinds of alignments are gifting us. Our latest treasure, a Vintage Hammond B3 Organ and Leslie speaker is finding her voice under the able hands of Ronn Cobb. Frank Palmer, the mayor and full time outlaw of Los Olivos, is showing up with a stand-up acoustic bass, the kind only serious bass-players pack.
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The sounds have been extraordinary, heavenly, actually as we have been playing the last weekends and I’ve had moments when I thought I would simply float away. Ron, Frank and I have enjoyed high praise from souls wandering in and enjoying the rich sounds. I say People wander in and wonder out. This summer Dave Smith will also be here, Ray, Eric, Grace, Mama K, FeelGood, Leon, George, Benito, Tony, Rick, LP, and others will hopefully come visit the Crooked Path – and the odd nexus of a Hippie, a Texan and a Dane.

  • The garden is blooming, the sails are up.
  • This year, there are rumors that Tommy will bring some of his BBQ creations for consumption.
  • I’m still dialing in the mix in now three separate monitor systems, all analogue – better than ever.

4/20 was amazing.