That was music.


It’s late, I’m back home again. We played tonight at Randy’s Taproom in Soulvang. It was a sudden gig, but I was glad that Eric Brittain was free, so he came down from Atascadero, and Grace Feldmann came from the other direction, Painted Cave, bringing her Cajon and toys. I’ve got an amazing new keyboard, as close to an acoustic piano as technology allows and we got going when Randy Hennings showed up. I had a Djembee in the car, so the two percussionist sat next to each other. First time all of us played together. It will not be the last.

I never Keys treeknow what the band will sound like, when we play, and usually it’s always good. This time was different. Good, of course, but different. You could hear every note and still there was room for a pin to drop. It was like soup and a roller coasters – or as Grace heard me say, like throwing a snowball through a pine-tree. Solid ground, but effervescent. Notes and sounds of hands was heard, rather than chords, sticks and picks. I sounded so good I sometimes forgot I was playing. What a hoot.

The audience went wild. I can’t tell how many there were.
It was music to my ears.

Thank you.
Let’s do different again.