The Crooked Path: Musicians’ Info

To anyone interested in playing, read on – things are a bit different  at The Crooked Path.


From Bent Myggen:

First of all, it really is about the music. Not about selling beer, wine, or anything else but creating moments when music comes alive and magic happens. The Crooked Path is my home and music sanctuary – a place of listening. I have written songs and music all of my life, so when I take the stage that is what I do, but I (and a growing cast of excellent musicians here) also enjoy backing up other writers, players and singers.

I believe there are two kinds of musicians, one who has something inside that wants to come out (often young players) – and another kind who wants something outside to come in.  That kind of player listens  to the whole band – not just their own instrument.  That kind is what I’m interested in.

Saturdays the garden is open around 3 PM for Acoustic-style songs and music by Bent Myggen (guitars and keyboards) and Ronn Cobb (Keyboards)

Sundays we also open around 3Pm for the “Best Available Band” and jams of Blues, Reggae, Indie Rock & Americana by Bent, Ronn and local excellent musicians such as Frank Palmer, Rick Norton, Grace Feldmann, Eric Brittain, Dave Smith, Mama K and more.

If you are a player, songwriter or have a band and would like to perform, send us some tracks and we will let you know if we think our music is compatible.  It is possible we can back you up by getting your tracks and/or charts in advance.

Equipment, and what is offered writers, singers and players:BonBons

  1. A great venue and fabulous sound.
  2. Multitrack recording ability using a 16-track direct-to-disc setup.  Featured bands or players have access to these tracks and may use them to produce their own media – or the live performances can be mixed later in our studio at a reasonable cost.
  3. Performances are web-cast – streaming live via YouTube so absent fans, can see & hear what’s going on.
  4. Donations collected are shared with featured performers, including income from T-shirts, CDs and merchandise.  Artists are welcome to offer their original CDs or merchandise and collect directly from patrons before and after the show.

The Invitation:

Los Olivos is a place people come to unwind. There are shops, restaurants and more than thirty wine-bars.  Hundreds of visitors come to town each week-end, looking to unwind, step off the carousel they are on if only for a day. They often have a little wine, a meal and walk around. They may not know it, but they are looking for something special to happen, something they will remember as magical.

When the music flows at the Crooked Path our guests walk in. Not strangely, it is often people who like to listen to music.  Different kinds of music attract different kinds of people.  Our audience do not pay to get in, but if they are moved, they contribute as they leave.

There is magic when listening occurs and on many occasions minds have quieted and hearts have beat the same at The Crooked Path.  Live music is magical because of all who listen – not just the musicians. The Crooked Path is a Music Sanctuary – a place to listen.