The Tribe Among Tribes

I have come to think that those who listen and recieve music – is a tribe among tribes.

In every race, religion. and civilization, and through all of time – there has been the Listeners. They were the ones who invented instruments.  Vision is logic, it is what we say is “real”, and it gets us in and out of buildings, along with avoiding sharp objects and such.  Sound is emotion, as it communicates the state of things around us.  When our ancestors sat around a camp fire at night, our ears told us of things in the dark.  If things got quiet it could be bad, while crickets and frogs would signal “all well over here”.  We listened and felt either safe or worried.  We hear the tone of someone’s voice, or how they set down their glass on the table and we know their mood.  We all feel sound, but the listeners are the ones who notice the details.

Those who come into the Crooked Path because they hear music are often of this tribe. Those who stumble upon this website and relate to things around here, are probably also in league with the general principle of receiving and giving, of listening first and playing second.

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