Time Change

Authorities, once established, never want to give up their power – no matter what domain they preside over.  I get confused each time we “spring forward” or backwards.  The whole thing about changing time was dubious from the beginning and benefits thereof  highly questionable years ago, but it prevails like eskimos through a blizzard.  Laws are made – sometimes with good intent – and then things change, but the law doesn’t.  Twice a year we all must switch gears in a slightly unsettling way and go on about our business.Time-Tracking-Software

The system says to it’s citizens: “I am in charge of what time it is and now I say it is something else than yesterday”.  It is unsettling in two ways: The change by itself – and having someone you don’t know change your life arbitrarily.  My cat is also bothered by the change in routine.

I would prefer time to stay the same as yesterday,  have a meal around sunset – rather than when it’s pitch black and things like that.

So I’m going to revolt!
For the next 6 months, if I say to you I’ll see you at 10 tomorrow, that means 9 o’clock in your time-zone.
I will get up at my usual hour, have breakfast, lunch and dinner at my usual time, and my aging mother will be back to her routine.

It is a small thing to remember that if I want to see a movie while they still have movie-theaters, I can be an hour late and still see the whole thing.  The more I think of it, it seems eminently reasonable to have my time be a personal matter.  I suggest we all do it, we simply declare our own time-zones and don’t go along with foolish ideas of springing back and forth.  I imagine employers could also simply ask their workers and staff to not change their watches either, or simply agree to come at 10 instead of 9 and go home at 6 instead of 5.

So that’s it!  I have talked about Los Olivos Standard Time before and here time follows the sun and does not change.  It may he 10 o’clock in Buelton, but here it’s already 11.
Oh liberate us from state sponsored impositions!