Life is a Symphony

- look for the Magic.

To live Life is an Art
The subject tonight is LOVE
And for tomorrow night as well
As a matter of fact I know of no
Better topic for us to discuss.
Until we all Die ! 


The word Love is a powerful word!
Love is the solution to many things, but within the word love are many different levels, but we use the same word for them all.

We use it as a hello — goodbye — with no deeper meaning. It has become a stereo type of a word and the deep level of what love really means has somehow been overexposed.

But the power of the word love still lifts our spirits and makes us feel good. In other languages different words are used depending upon the intension and the level of it’s use.

The exstacity of Falling in Love is a beautiful passion but can’t survive. It has to turn into compassion and a deep love can grow from there and even become unconditional love.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is something that grows through patience, compromises, sharing good and bad times together. Standing by each other in whatever situation might occur.

Understanding and knowing the other’s heart is essential, well knowing there are moments when the minds and moods take over our actions or wording — often manipulated by the outer world that makes us express the wrong words.

Words can be hurtful, but knowing the other’s heart — forgiveness steps in, and the feather stays as a feather without becoming a whole hen.

To carry our love in our hearts is always essential, but even so much more now, living in a planterary hatred in this age. We can’t let small negative daily details rule our hearts.

A vast layer of human hatred that is upon Earth must be consumed by love and placed into a fire. This wall of hatred generated by mankind separates people not only from understanding but also from love.
Many of us live on a superficial level, being the easiest way of living. Hanging on to a thread we think is love, because we crave love. A love that might only be an illusion.

We don’t look in to see what we cosnists of. A heart and a mind. Often the intellectual mind overrides the heart. It is said there is a long way between the heart and the mind to unite.

If we try to look deeper than just to the teeth of a person we might find a beautiful heart. Then we can go beyond the verbal word and just be.

In unconditional love there is no conflict, no doubts because we know not only our own heart, but also the true heart of the other person, through activities, attitudes and behaviors.

Love is born by understanding.
Feeling a deep love makes us peaceful.
Love implies vulnerability, so when there is fear, love can’t thrive.

As Krishnamurti said:” Love is a state of being, and in that state possession is absent.”
Thank you for reading this I will continue next week with the subject to Live Life is an art.