Today in the garden.

IMG_4086Karen, Mama K to some – came to visit and sing a bit with me today. It was very quiet in town, as Solvang was celebrating Danish Days and many visitors of the valley presumably went there.
It was a very pleasant day, and my efforts to “tune in” various instruments, piano, guitar and such paid off.  The speakers delivered the splendid sound of real wood, real strings and hands.  Our voices met well each other and we indeed called in a few visitors, couples in love and groups of friends.  Not many, but very appreciative for the space and the music.

We exchanged a few gifts after the show along with spirited conversation about life, music, and the moment “now”.

After everyone left, after the cleanup and putting instruments away I counted the tips left in the box. I always count, and regard every dollar as a gift from someone’s heart, since we don’t charge for the music at the Crooked Path. Among the ones today, fives, a ten and a twenty, there was a fifty – and also a hundred dollar bill.  A hundred dollars!

I’m not saying this to brag of how touching our show was today.  It was good, but there was also a spirit present in the garden.  Now, music cannot be measured, weighed or framed on a wall – it only exists because there are souls who listen, so when someone leaves more than a polite amount in the contribution-box, it a very solid kind of applause.  It – in essence – says to me:  Keep going, keep writing, playing, performing, set up the equipment, turn on the fountain, put out the chairs, invite everyone in – because music, live music is needed.

Thank you very much.
I will…