Video Productions from 1990 to 2016

I shoot, interview, write, score, produce and edit.  From starting out in 1980 with then-partner Magi Myggen as Win/Win Productions – to going solo with VisionEars in 2000, projects have taken me to remote parts of the world as well as places in the heart I never knew existed. I have met and worked with many extraordinary people along the way. Each video is a story, a portrait, a peek into another world.

To me, the “message” is not as important as the spirit in which it is given.  Within all the details of a production lives a  heart, and how to deliver this to and from the screen is the trick.  My secret “weapon” is music.  As I see it: Visuals goes to the logical part of the mind – while sound – and music in particular – speaks directly our emotional body.

For 20 years it has also been my great pleasure to produce a series of award-winning documentaries focused on compassion in health care with Karen and Simon Fox of  Adventures in Caring.  We asked questions, then listened – a skill my father, the journalist, taught me.

(Click any video to start, then expand to full screen)

Documentary-style productions:

Oxygen for Caregivers– trailer for Adventures in Caring  (4:00)

Santa Barbara Sacred Spaces – Exec Producer: Genevieve Antonow (23:00)

The story of Adventures In Caring. (14:00)

Compassion in Action– trailer for Adventures in Caring video  (7:00)

Secret Princess – Sensei Yamamoto (10:00)

Horse Communication – American Wild Horse Sanctuary (7:00)

Atterdag College – Historical video of Solvang, Ca.

Trekking in Nepal with Wilderness Travel – 1990. (14:00)

La Belle  – Self esteem for teens – 1995 – (10:00)

Waterbirth 1987 – First documentary (with Maryanne Williamson) – (33:00)

Gentle Birth Choices – Documentary about natural child-birth. (46:00)

Goodbye my Friend1991 a film about AIDS. (39:00)

Wisdom of the Elders – 1990 – With Kit Tremaine. (14:00)

Always Michael – AIDS-story in LA during 1990s. (19:00)

Color Harmony – Promo for LA-based color expert, Jennifer Butler. (7:00)

Only Love – 1987 – LA wedding of Steve and Manuel featuring “The Family”.

Commercial/Promotional Videos:

Dustin’s Way – Fitness Trainer intro. (3:30)

What is Yoga? – Introduction by Silla Siebert. (4:00)

The Acudrop Invention – Idea-pitch video for eye-drop product. (4:00)

Intensive – Gym-program intro. (3:30)

Spin Class – Gym Program Intro.

Trikke 36V – Promo video for electric urban transporter. (3:00)

Nordic Walking – Promo for exorcise equipment. (3:00)

Motorcycle Class for Women – Program promotional video (7:00).

Hemphill Schools – Spanish Vocational School TV-Commercial in Spanish. (0:58)

Music Videos/Moving & funny stuff:

LO Standard time – Original music video. (4:30)

Birdland – Music video for Maynard Fugeson Big Band (5:00)

Everything’s Green – by The Off-the-Grid Gang, song written by Dave Smith.

Brazilians – Camera capture at the Crooked Path (4:00)

Finger Dance – Original Gaelic Diddie. (4:00)

The Wind – Original song performed by Magi Myggen (3:30)

We’re Here – It’s Now – Original song with world-images.

A little Tuneand graphic effects.

The Grasshoppers – Local Los Olivos band, performance capture. (3:30)

Peace Videos.

Sun Flowers – (3:00)

Bird on Windmill  (4:00)

Video Poem – And winter images. (14:00)

The Golden Rule – All religions seem to say the same thing, so what gives? (2:00)

The Painting Experience – Part 1

The Painting Experience – Part 2