Senses we have.

We have sight and sound.  Two senses.  They say we have 5 senses: Sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste – but we have more.  We can feel heat, which is neither sight, sound, touch, smell or taste.  How about our sense of balance & gravity?  That would be yet another sense.  Seven senses.  Then what is the sense that starts an energetic transformation when lovers kiss?  Pheromone receptors in our nasal cavity, doctors say is what makes us hot for sex, not just sight and touch – which makes it a separate sense – number eight.  From there we go to a feeling in our stomach we can get when something is not right (nine), and a feeling in our hearts when something is good (ten)…

Just like some folks use less than a thousand words, while others access twenty times more – so it is with our senses, I venture to say.  Most people are visual, obtaining all the information they need from sight, while sound, smell, taste and touch is barely noticed. Words are used to convey information, rather than setting up emotional connection.  Most folks focus their attention on the visual aspects of life.

Music is an anomaly in the animal kingdom.  Birds sing, but do not harmonize.  Perhaps crickets do, but as far as I know, humans are unique as a species to sing and play interactively.  Everything in nature has a purpose, but what is the purpose of music?  A horse may make murmuring belly-sounds to welcome another, while a wolf will growl to scare off a foe, but music gives no message other than feelings.  Somehow humans can sense and connect with others through melody, rhythm and progressions, but for what purpose?

It is precisely for the reason that music serves no purpose, that it is so meaningful.  It makes no sense and really has no place in the physical world, and just like a rainbow, music only exists when a sentient being bears witness to it.  It is a secret handshake between souls.  A recognition of other beings around us.  You cannot hear music unless you have a soul. We smile, dance, move and shake and demonstrate our connection to each other when music is live and present.

Music is another sense – number eleven, perhaps.