What the world needs now…

As I came back from a great Wednesday-evening of jamming in Solvang Brew House it became clear to me that music contains the essence of what the world needs now.  There is no music without listeners, and we don’t need any more big ideas or solutions, we just need to listen.  Not just to each other, but to ourselves as well.  Speaking with some travelers in the audience I remarked that being a traveller was a wonderful journey into learning to trust and listen to our own instincts.  We then find our path to the right places and people.

In Music the key is to listen, then you can find your melody.

In Life the trick is to notice the signs and be guided to the right places at the right times.

In politics the leaders now need to listen to it’s people.
Life can be a symphony with the right conductor.
What does a conductor do?
My grandfather was the conductor of a symphony orchestra.Symphony Orchestra
Tonight I felt his spirit, along with Dave, Randy, Michael, Karen, Dan, Paula and an unnamed girl from North Carolina.

It was music to my ears.
Thank you.