Life is a Symphony

– Look for the Magic

Connecting with the Miracle of Life.

Inspirations, Insights, Mysteries, Ancient Wisdom, Timeless Humor & Beautiful Music.

Does it appear to you that the world has lost its mind,
everyone is in a panic
and at the same time, nothing means anything?

Do you think we humans are loosing connection
– to each other, to ourselves and to the Mystery of Life?.

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How can we get it back?

Connect with Yourself

Learn how to tune in to your own sense and guidance systems.

Connect with Others

Be part of gatherings for a shared experience.  Share humor, art and music with others.

Connect with Mystery

Study life – through science, history and personal experience.

Meet our unlikely team of authors:

Birgitte Aarestrup, Author/Explorer/Mystic.


Drawn by the North I began travel alone with my camera to places above Arctic Circle.

During my travels and many other  experiences I realized we are never alone. There is always something higher than ourselves. Knowing that it eliminates fear, especially when we tune in with our inner voice – whether from our hearts or from a higher realm.

Nature is a gateway to Great Mystery.

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Bent Myggen

Reverend Bent 


Before TV, before mass transportation, before computers and cell phones there was a world where watches were the only means to know what time it was.  You could not be reached when you walked in a forrest or drove a car.  We used maps to get somewhere and wrote letters by hand to each other.

It was truly another world.

What does my generation know that Google can never explain?

In a word: Meaning.

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Sir Simon Fox, Osp.
Scientist turned Humanitarian.
Teacher of Compassion


The idea that life is created by random events is similar to imagining a tornado tearing through a junkyard and accidentally assembling a Jumbo Jet, fully fueled and ready to go.

Simply put: there is no scientifically satisfying explanation for how life began and continues to expand. Life is a mystery in every detail if we care to look. 

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