Life is a Symphony

– Look for the Magic

Every brick in Manhattan was laid by a man
who worked for his dreams to come true.
Every ship on the ocean
and train on this land
has hope riding on with the crew.

And what if all fortunes
were not to be made?
and roads never leading to Rome?
Would buildings be built
and highways be paved
If kings never quested their throne?

So if ever they they tell you
to stop what you’re doin’
cause dreams can’t be reached anymore
Say, reality may
have me dying in bed
but dreams get me out of the door.

A carrot, they say,
keeps the donkey persuaed’
to trot for a mile through the glade
He never looks back
and keeps pulling the hack
though the carrot keeps going away.

The Wind

by Magi & Bent Myggen | Reunion CD