I imagine:

A man after dying meets God and asks:
Can you tell me now what was the meaning of my life?

God looks puzzled for a moment, then says: That was my question to you.
What was the meaning of your life?
Did you find your Purpose?

To the best of my knowledge:

We have meaningful lives by finding and living our purpose.

I have heard it is a high-ticket item, and there may be a line around the planet to be born. Here we have opportunities to learn, live, sing, dance, love, be a contribution – or to be in our own world, be self-centered, cry the blues, suffer, hurt and blame others…

The Universe is like a giant wish-fulfilling-tree – it seems to supply whatever we focus on, whether we want it or not, whether we consider it good or bad.

The Author discovering life at 15 years of age

The experience each of us have is – of course – unique. No one else can truly know what it is like to be us, yet everyone is our mirror. The nature of reality is not only change, but expansion. Everyone plays a part in this expansion, from presidents to panhandlers. Stars to microbes.

As our universe (stars and planets) are expanding, so must we in order to be in harmony with life. Those (some say young souls) who try to hold on to structure, or fixed ideas of how to live life, often experience great struggle and pain. There is no safety in the rigidity of systems in a constantly changing environment.

The secret to life is that there is no end to it and we are never alone. We may think we only have one life to live, but I imagine we have as as many as we want or need. We are each on our own path – not back to where we came from – but to where we all are going.

I think Consciousness, God, Great Mystery, Alah, Odin, Ra, whatever name you chose, is/are more than curious to see what will happen next.  It may look to us like life is unjust and always on the edge of its own destruction, but that is what comes with the territory of “free will”.  There may be a path laid out for each of us, called “fate”, but we have free will to follow or ignore it.

My personal recipe for a life worth living is this:

1: Expect miracles (everything is) and always look for them.
2: See everyone as straight form “Central Casting” – masterful actors in a show made just for you.
3: Be interested, and you will be interesting to others.
4: Constructive criticism isn’t.
5: If you don’t know what else to do, be useful.
6: Speak your truth, but choose your battles well – you can’t fight all of them.
7: Out of two possibilities the third always happens.
8: Always, always come back to that which feeds your passion.
9: Let your default perspective be grateful.

I think love is not what we hope to find, but what we seek to express. I believe we were granted the experience of life on this planet by an infinitely loving presence and at the end there will an opportunity to look back and see what life meant to us. What happens afterwards, is anyone’s guess.

My advice: Live and learn. Create something beautiful. Be passionate and grateful.