Life is a Symphony

– Look for the Magic

I am, therefore I think.

My brain — and yours — is fabulous.
– More cells than stars in the known universe, I have heard.
– Able to process I don’t know how many bits of data, while still forgetting where my car keys are. No doubt our brains are a miracle, allowing for our experience of life to occur.

Still, when I try to imagine the distance to the sun, my brain falls short. Any number of beads on my table beyond 6 or 7, and I have to count to tell how many there are. And when I look at the natural universe — microbiology in particular — I my thoughts are replaced with a sense of wonder.

Could my brain create the roughly 35,000 sequences that make up the human genome? No. Could I devise a way for proteins to be created, then assembled into nano-machines that haul cargo, propel bacteria and split or repair DNA? No. It is clear to me that the intelligence that created and maintains the present universe is vastly beyond the abilities of my mortal brain.

Like everything else, my brain was created for a specific purpose: To allow me (a spiritual being) to observe, learn and experience life on this planet at this time. My brain is the physical side of my mind — my point of connection between who I am and where I am.

So to the Author of DNA, our Creator, the Greatest of all Mysteries, may I say, Thank You. I am very happy about my brain, I adore my senses, love the sunsets and my connections to other beings. And a special thanks for Rainbows, Humor and Music.