Life is a Symphony

– Look for the Magic

Rev. Bent?

I was ordained a minister in June 2005.

It took 3 minutes and 46 seconds online, but I took it serious.  Of course my soul is having an earthly experience. My path is not about a  destination – more of a presence.

You see, I come to a spiritual realization, not from religion, but from science –  microbiology, to be exact…

Once I saw how the tiniest elements of life functioned, my brain gave up trying to find a logical explanation.

They are smaller than cells and are called “Nano-machines”.  Some function like outboard-motors, propelling bacteria around, some act like trucks that take and move stuff, while others perform like robots that open DNA strands, then copy the information. These machines have rods, bearings, inductors and electric circuitry, made from protein parts that first has to be build, then assembled in the right order for anything to work.. We have gazillions of these machines in our bodies and we have no idea how they were made.  

No biological experiment we humans have tried has ever created a single protein without first having DNA – or DNA without having a Protein already.  It’s the chicken and the egg “thing” – what came first?  Both had to be created at the same time and accidental events just don’t do that.  Accidents create chaos, not sublime order and design. When I saw this one particular machine, called a Bacterial Flagellum [Google it)], I realized my body (and everything else) was built by Someone (or Something) and my brain was designed for me to experience life here & now – as it appears with things like time, 3 dimensions, gravity and other beings, My brain does have the CPU or clock-speed to comprehend the Creator of the Entire Universe including microorganisms and that’s OK.  I was built for something else.

Once my brain understood it couldn’t actually explain much, awe and reverence for All of Creation took hold. Now I default to gratefulness.  Grateful for taste and touch, sight and sound, hugs and kisses. How I connect to Spirit is to by connecting with what Spirit gave me: Life, music and other beings.


Q: What connects and feeds us?
A: A shared experience.

What connects us is breathing the same breath, feeling the same rhythm together. 

That is what Music (including chants) is for and the reason why Music has existed for as long as we now – in every race, religion and region.  Music was (until recently) always live.  Live music is a shared experience outside our three dimensions.  Invisible to the eye, music connects us to another realm.

Listening is a doorway to Mystery.

Music is my church.

The grand piano is my altar
and there is an angel musicians call,
the Muse.