Life is a Symphony

– Look for the Magic

If you, like I, are born before 1950 or thereabout, you may be considering what you would like to leave behind, besides money (if you have any), property and/or goods.

What you have learned from your life that could be valuable to future generations?

What do you know about being human that has nothing to do with technology?


I you are 65 or older, you (and I) are part of the last living generation that knew the world before computers, internet, space-exploration, cell-phones, mass media, Google and YouTube.  Our children and their children going forward take all of this for granted and would have no idea of how to survive without a computer or cellphone.

In our time Humanity has become completely dependent on technology, including the electric grid – and all the wonderful inventions we call “progress”.  Set aside the obvious risk that all of our networks and power-grid could be wiped out at any time with a high-powered solar-flare or attack from a hostile nation – Human Culture itself is getting lost in today’s romance with technology. Values are eroding, being discarded, such as:

  • Meaning.
  • Curiosity.
  • Good “common sense”.
  • Compassion.
  • Purpose.
  • Faith of any kind
  • Self-reliance.

You and I know something about life, which is not available on Google.  Today’s generations may not be interested today in what we know, but what about their children? Or their children’s children? 

My suggestion: Record audio and video of stories you have. Show pictures. Speak of the beauty you’ve found and lessons learned. Then make copies and store your files as safely as possible so your great-grandchildren or someone else can find them 20 or 50 years from now.