A-La Carte Production Services

– in Santa Barbara, Ca.

Media Miracles – Sensibly Priced

Video Journalism

What do you have to say, show or demonstrate to the world? These days everyone has a camera, but can they tell a compelling story?

Like a good journalist we interview, edit, gather elements and find the heart of story, not just the facts.


Video Editing

Your footage or ours – bring what you have (business or personal), and we’ll edit it with you.  

We can improve, update, up-rez or incorporate new footage, add music, effects and graphics to taste.

The possibilities are endless. 


Today everyone’s got hand-held devices, but to get good sound and picture it still takes wireless mikes, professional cameras, tripods even. We can do that – and give you the footage/files for later editing.


Digitizing Photographs

Do you live in Santa Barbara and have old photos or film you’d like to preserve and don’t wish to risk them in the mail? Using our high speed, great-resolution scanners we can create digital copies while you have a cup of tea – and upload to the Cloud or to your thumb-drive.


Voice Recording & Sweetening

If you have something you’d like to read, perhaps make an Audio-book or a podcast – we have just the mike and the place.  We can add intros and can even score original music or soundscapes (great for audio meditations or visualizations).

Music Magic

Extraordinary sound and music for film, theatre or live events. 

Producer, Bent Myggen is a multi-instrumentalist, composer/singer/songwriter as well as audio engineer/mixer.

See TV/movie credits and live performances Here

Tribute Videos

If your parents or grandparents are still alive – perhaps in their eighties or beyond, catch them on video before it’s too late.  Honor their lives by preserving not only some of their photos and stories, but also a bit of their spirit.

Our elders, and the “Great Generation” in particular was the last generation who knew life on planet Earth before everything changed. Mass transportation, television, computers, cell phones and the Internet was all invented in their lifetime. When they are gone, so is their sense of life and a world that will never be again.


In memory: Randy Fuhrman/LA Event Producer

Friends and family sent in video-“selfies” which we used to produce this video used in a Zoom-memorial.

Sensei Yamamoto, Santa Barbara Living Treasure

It was the 100 year birthday of a Japanese Princess, Sensei Yamamoto who had lived much of her life in Santa Barbara as a “secret” Princess. Had she been a son, not a daughter, she would have become the Emperor of Japan. Instead she teaches calligraphy..

Solvang Atterdag College

The start of Solvang, California was the Danish Folk School, Atterdag College – here told by those who were there. Commissioned by Solvang Atterdag Museum.

Ilse Hance at 95

Ilse Hance grew up in Germany as Hitler came to power. She had Jewish ancestry and had to hide while her family lost all property. She tells her amazing story at a presentation in Santa Barbara.